CS:GO User Shows the Easiest way to Smoke Window on Mirage

Aditya Singh Rawat
26/May/2020 10:32 am

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Utility usage is one of the most important aspects of Counter-Strike, using the various types of utilities at one’s disposal properly, a player can lead his/her team to an easy victory or help them in winning the all so important clutch. But in most cases despite players purchasing and using these utilities, they don’t do so effectively in a proper manner, mostly just throwing them around randomly hoping to obtain a positive result.

To help such players out a Reddit user tried to show a simple smoke lineup on Mirage, which would lead to the T-sided players getting superior control over ‘Mid’. But, u/Viper5416 seems to have taken the literal meaning of the callout ‘Window’ while learning this smoke, as he goes on to show his unique smoke lineup.

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To be fair, the user did show us a window smoke but it was the wrong window he went for! Clearly the player was just trying to have some fun. In reality, though the ‘Window’ smoke is quite a task to get a hang of but if learned properly could be a really important smoke in a player's arsenal.

As getting control of that area gives a huge advantage to the T-sided team, who can then easily rotate as desired to any of the sites. The dedication by the player to show this hilarious lineup is quite commendable and could be the perfect prank to play on your team when they call for a ‘Window’ smoke, but do be careful as this might lead to you getting kicked!

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