[Watch] CS:GO User's Hilarious Attempt to Fix the Deagle Animation Bug

Aditya Singh Rawat
18/May/2020 10:29 pm

Cover And Thumbnail Image Courtesy: Barabulyko

Despite being more than a decade old, Counter-Strike still seems to be home to many bugs. Some of them affecting the gameplay directly, while a few others hinder with the visual aspect of it, without interfering with the game or any of its mechanics in any possible manner.

One such visual bug that has been an issue for a long time now is the ‘pull-out’ Deagle animation. Whenever a CS:GO player switches over to a Deagle, the in-game character spins the gun on his finger once while equipping the weapon. 

This particular animation seems to be broken as u/Barabulyko himself displays via a slow-motion edit, how the weapon passes through the in-game character’s thumb as he spins the Deagle while equipping it. The user has not actually fixed this visual bug but instead created a hilarious video showcasing how easy it is to fix the particular visual animation. 

The video seems to be an attempt by the user to try and mock the developers indirectly, as they haven’t fixed it in the many years since adopting the animation.

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The community seems to have loved the user’s effort to bring such small things to everyone’s attention, as this is not the only miscellaneous visual bug the game seems to be suffering from. 

Some users could not even believe that this bug existed with the Deagle animation.

While a lot of them have been fixed, such bugs seemed to get ignored as they don’t affect the gameplay directly. Maybe this might be the right way to turn some attention towards such visual glitches.

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