CS:GO Player Hits an Insanely Lucky Headshot to Win the Round on Inferno

Aditya Singh Rawat
18/May/2020 11:27 am

Cover And Thumbnail Image Courtesy: u/theroflraptor

CS:GO which is regarded as one of the best competitive shooters ever, has always been commended for its shooting and movement mechanics, the correlation between how the two interact with each other makes the game feel more lifelike while also introducing a higher skill ceiling.

In a recent pub game which took place on Inferno, the better half of a CS:GO player (u/theroflraptor) who went by the in-game name “Mrs.Rotpar” surprised everyone including herself as she hit an insanely lucky headshot with an AK-47 while running away from the enemy, successfully defending the plant and winning the round for her side.

Unlike VALORANT, in CS:GO a weapon’s accuracy greatly increases if the player firing the weapon is stationary, depreciating with the increasing speed of the player’s movements. While the tactical shooter (VALORANT) has made some reforms in regards to this matter, it is still not as punishing as it is in CS:GO.

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These firing mechanics have introduced player actions like anti-strafing, which helps players to improve their firing accuracy when engaging with an enemy player. But, then there are lucky instances like these every now and then where a highly inaccurate stray bullet hits the bullseye.

The user reveals that the enemy team instantly accused his wife of cheating and using hacks when this was clearly a case of her luck overpowering the skill of the other player.

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