CS:GO Pro Survives for Almost Half a Minute in the Middle of Site after Disconnecting from the Server

Aditya Singh Rawat
15/May/2020 12:01 pm

Imagine playing a game of CS:GO against a tier-one team, the enemy is about to hit the site, and you get timed out from the server at that exact moment. But instead of instantly dying you somehow survive on the site without any cover for almost half a minute. This amusing incident actually took place yesterday with Cédric “RpK” Guipouy in the lower bracket match between Vitality and Ninjas in Pyjamas.

Playing the 27th round on Mirage, NiP stormed the ‘B-Site’ which was being held by two members of Vitality. While ZywOo died trying to hold off the charge, RpK looking up towards the ‘B Apartments’ timed-out from the server. To everyone’s surprise, he went undetected for almost half a minute as NiP continued fighting other members of Vitality, finally dying to a headshot by REZ.

The hilarity of the situation was witnessed by everyone, including the casters themselves who could not believe how RpK went undetected for so long, as they constantly said “He can’t be in the smoke! He can’t be." 

From the different camera angles shown by the observer, it looks as though NiP in a hurry to take over the site missed spotting the Frenchmen, even though one of the players landed on top of his head when jumping out the window from 'B Apartments'. To be clear, RpK was well outside the cover of any smoke at all times but was always camouflaged by them in some way or the other.

The positioning of the T-sided players was such that they never had a clear line of vision over the position where RpK stood and with misutaaa and apEX engaging with them near the ‘Market’, all their focus was concentrated towards them until the smoke in front of REZ cleared, as he spotted RpK and took a headshot.

Anyway, the unusual and rare incident was much enjoyed by the community as the disconnected Frenchmen managed to survive without moving an inch or any cover on the site for almost half a minute.


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Aditya Singh Rawat is the in-house CS:GO writer at AFK Gaming. While his understanding of the esports space is not restricted by geographical borders, his current focus lies in the Asian region. Understands and follows almost all major esport titles.