User Spots Unusual CS:GO Match with more than 2 Million Concurrent Viewers

Aditya Singh Rawat
13/May/2020 12:54 pm

CS:GO user while browsing through the ‘Live’ games section under the ‘Watch’ tab in-game, found the most unusual match being played on Dust 2. The match which was right on top of the list of live games was apparently being watched by more than 2 million users; 2,288,377 viewers to be exact.

More Than 2 Million Concurrent Viewers

This is quite shocking as the live games section generally never has so many viewers watching those matches, unless and until they are part of some tournament, and even then the viewership count rarely crosses the ‘million concurrent viewers’ milestone.

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Just taking a quick look at the viewer count of the other live matches, we can see the surprising difference inbetween the numbers. Another reason as to why the viewership number is absurd can be attributed to the fact that there was no famous CS:GO player or personality playing in that match, taking away any and all reasons for so many viewers to watch that particular match.

Apart from the viewership stats other things that strikeout as something out of the ordinary is the fact that the player ‘EKZU - major streamer’ who can be seen playing CT-sided has taken all the frags in the first two rounds, which basically translates to the player taking consecutive aces.

While this might not be an impossible task it is certainly quite a rare sight to see, and what are the chances of taking back-to-back aces in front of more than 2 million viewers!

These reasonings clearly point out to the fact that the viewership number was achieved by ‘view botting’, but a few Reddit users pointed out that even after using a viewbot it was hard to achieve a viewership of a 100,000, which is far from the 2 million-plus observed.

So the users speculated that one of the players was using some kind of a cheat to increase the viewership number, similar to the ones used to gain additional commends, comments, and achievement medals.

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Whatever program or cheat was being used to achieve that ludicrous viewership number surely needs to be taken care of by Valve, as these streams cut the visibility of potentially better games and are just flat out annoying for the entire community.


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