CS:GO Pro Surprisingly Dies at Banana due to an A-Site Plant on Inferno

Aditya Singh Rawat
9/May/2020 11:03 am

Cover And Thumbnail Image Courtesy: ESL CS:GO

The currently ongoing ESL One: Road to Rio online tournaments are a constant source of interesting gameplays, some commanding appreciation from the viewers while a few others leave them disappointed, but then there are some rare instances where the audience is left utterly confused.

In the match between Gen.G Esports and Cloud9 during the Road to Rio - North America semifinals which took place yesterday, the strangest thing happened in the 16th round on Inferno when Johnny “JT” Theodosiou died at ‘Banana’ after the C4 which was planted on ‘A-Site’ exploded.

JT playing CT-sided was trying to save his defuse kit with just 1 HP to spare and no armour, as the C4 planted on ‘A-Site’ ran out of time and exploded, leading to JT dying at ‘Banana’ which is far away from the site where the C4 was planted.

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Looking at the clip for the first time might leave the viewers confused, as this is certainly something out of the ordinary. But this is quite possible especially if the player is low on health, as the damage from the C4 explosion is based on direct distance, which disregards any and all obstacles in its path.

Cloud9 went on to lose the three-game series against Gen.G, as they drop down to compete for the 3rd place while Gen.G Esports becomes the first team to make its way through to the Grand Final.

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