S1mple Responds to Dimasick's Accusations on the High Ping Controversy

Aditya Singh Rawat
7/May/2020 02:38 pm

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  • S1mple and Dimasick exchange statements on the controversy surrounding the fairness of the match between the two teams that took place yesterday.

  • Dimasick although agreeing with the outcome was disappointed with how the series played out, questioning why a CIS tournament was being played on a German server.

  • S1mple responds by calculating the average ping between the two teams and proving what the best possible outcome was.

Despite Na’Vi winning their third match in the group stage of ESL One: Road to Rio - CIS against pro100 with a clean ‘2-0’ victory, there seems to be a bit of a disagreement between pro100’s rifler Dmitry 'dimasick' Matvienko and Natus Vincere’s star player Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev over the fairness and integrity of the best-of-three series.

Dimasick was disappointed with how the match between the two teams proceeded, according to a statement made by the player on, he claimed to have played both the games on Inferno and Dust 2 against Na’Vi with a ping of around 90 while all the other players on the server had pings between 30-35.

He raised a question as to why the CIS group stage matches were being played on a German server in Frankfurt instead of them being played on a Russian server, as he said that “On the first map we played on a German server, where my ping was high (this is a CIS qualifier),” but the player was fine with this as the ESL admins said that the Russian server was not ready for the first match and that they would play the second match on it.

After losing the first map on Inferno by a score of ‘16-10’, dimasick thought the second match would be played on a Russian server which would bring his ping down significantly, but according to his statement “Na’Vi refused to play on the MSK server because s1mple had 55 ping.”

As the ESL rule states that “If one team does not agree, then the match will be played on the German server,” dimasick had to play the second match with a high ping disadvantage resulting in another loss, this time on Dust 2 by a score of ‘16-7’.

Overall Performance Against Na'Vi

Replying to dimasick, s1mple also made a statement on clarifying that though the two teams might have played on a German server, apart from dimasick all other pro100 players had ping between 30-35 while the players on his team had ping between 45-50.

He publicly asked where was it stated that CIS qualifiers have to be played on a Russian server? Answering the question himself by saying that “The only thing stated is that the teams should be on an equal footing.” S1mple proceeded to calculate the average ping between the two teams, concluding that,

“On the Russian server everyone would have had 1-5 ping whereas I would have had 60, while on the German server everyone had ping between 35-50 and dimasick had around 80, so did we do the right thing? Stop the disgrace.”

Proof of Ping Submitted by s1mple

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It is still not clear as to why the CIS matches are hosted on a German server, but according to ESL’s guidelines, everything seems to have been done fairly. Even dimasick himself stated that his problem was with the games being held on a German server and not him playing the match with a high ping.

Let’s hope that the following matter is resolved so that no further conflicts as such arise in the future, as still plenty of games are left to be played in the ongoing ESL One: Road to Rio - CIS.

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