Latest CS:GO Update Adds New Kill Feed Icons, Multiple Changes to Chlorine and more

Aditya Singh Rawat
5/May/2020 08:10 am

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Latest CS:GO update which released yesterday has introduced additional kill feed icons for denoting “blind shooter, kills through smoke, and no scope sniper kills,” to provide more clarity on kill information to everyone, while also adding a 1v1 warmup arena for Inferno.

Apart from these being the highlight changes of the update, a lot of balancing changes and texture tweaks were made to Chlorine, one of the new maps added to the game alongside Anubis. 

Kill Feed Icons

The kill feed will show the following signs for various different types of kills,

  • If the player takes a kill while flashed, the kill feed will show the sign of an eye with a cross through it.

  • If the kill is secured through a smoke then the kill feed will portray the same by showing a bullet passing through a cloud of smoke.

  • If the kill has been taken via an unscoped AWP then an icon showing a scope with a cross through it will be displayed.

New Kill Feed Icons

1v1 Warmup Arenas

CS:GO is slowly introducing more 1v1 warmup arenas, Inferno becoming the fifth map to obtain the training area where players can practise with their partner while waiting for the match. Other maps which also have this feature are Train, Vertigo, Nuke, and Overpass, with there being news of the same being introduced for Cache as well.

Apart from this, a few other changes were made to settings related to spawn immunity and general server modifications. Even some UI changes were made related to crosshair settings. The main menu will now run a scenery of Nuke in its background as developers welcomed “the sunny weather outside.”

For a whole list of changes click here.


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