Verdict goes in Favor of the Coaches for ESL One: Road to Rio Tournaments

Aditya Singh Rawat
22/Apr/2020 12:22 am

Cover And Bookmark Image Courtesy: ESL Gaming

It looks like team coaches will be able to communicate with the players continuously throughout the matches after joining the server, at ESL One: Road to Rio tournaments following the conclusion of the voting according to HLTV.

ESL had earlier asked competing teams if coaches should be allowed to help their teams without any restrictions and whether they should be even allowed within the server or not, for which they had faced a lot of flak by multiple players, coaches and community members as approval from all the teams was required for the passing of the judgement.

The general take on the situation was, why a team without a coach would ever agree to such a proposition, and that it was highly disadvantageous to all the other teams who had a coach. Facing a heavy backlash, Valve who were the once requesting the vote as per HLTV had to take into consideration both, the voting and feedback from ESL and Counter-Strike Professional Players’ Association (CSPPA), while taking the final decision.

ESL One: Road to Rio Schedule

The ESL One: Road to Rio is scheduled to start on 22nd April (Wednesday) with matches for both Europe and the Americas region flagging off the tournament. Let’s see how the teams perform with the coaches now getting more control over their respective teams.


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