PashaBiceps, FalleN, Fer, and many more take part in the #EsportsFlashback Challenge

Aditya Singh Rawat
21/Apr/2020 06:49 pm

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With most of the countries implementing lockdowns and everyone following the social distancing and self-isolation protocols due to ongoing coronavirus pandemic, people have started following various social media trends to pass the time while engaging with each other online.

A similar trend on Twitter has been initiated by Polish esports organization Izako Boars, as esports players, personalities, talents, and everyone associated with the community are sharing their “oldest gaming photos” on the platform along with the ‘#EsportsFlashback’, while also nominating three individuals to take part in the challenge and continue it further.

Here are a few CS:GO personalities who have shared some memories from when they had just started out in esports.

Jaros?aw "pashaBiceps" Jarz?bkowski was one of the first ones to follow the trend as he shared a photo of himself along with his teammates from an old LAN tournament. He further tagged, Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo, Olof "olofmeister" Kajbjer Gustafsson, and Jordan "n0thing" Gilbert.

FalleN responded to Pasha’s tweet by posting a photo of himself from 2003, after winning a 3v3 tournament along with his brothers, while tagging Fernando "fer" Alvarenga, Nicolai "dev1ce" Reedtz, and Renato "nak" Nakano.

FalleN with his Elder Brothers after Winning a 3v3 Tournament in 2003

Fer took the challenge by sharing a picture of himself with PashaBiceps from 2014, whom he had met during his first international tournament ESWC 2014. Though he did not tag anyone further, the story shared by him was quite heartwarming.

Fer with PashaBiceps at ESWC 2014

Not only the players but tournament organizer BLAST also shared a few photos from their first tournament that they organized in Copenhagen back in 2017.

BLAST Shares Photos from their First Tournament in Copenhagen

A lot of other players have also participated in this challenge, which seems to be a walk down the memory lane for all those sharing their beloved moments from the past, witnessing their growth over the years. This is a great initiative taken by Izako Boars, let’s see who else takes on the challenge and shares the best moment from their past.


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