"Aleksi had nothing to do with it" - NBK takes the Blame for OG's loss on Dust 2 against Na'Vi

Aditya Singh Rawat
7/Apr/2020 09:14 am

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  • OG lose to Na'Vi by a score of '2-1' in the second phase of ESL Pro League Season 11 - Europe.

  • NBK takes the blame for OG's disastrous play in the 28th round on Dust 2.

OG was not able to find victory on the second day of the ESL Pro League Season 11 - Europe after they failed to make a comeback against Na’Vi in the deciding match on Dust 2. But before the community could start pointing a finger towards Aleksi “Aleksib” Virolainen for the disastrous play made on the 28th round, Nathan “NBK’” Schmitt took the blame by stating that “(the) 13-14 round was my call on D2, Aleksi had nothing to do with it so no need to get on his ass for that.”

He went on to appreciate Aleksib’s skill as an IGL through the entirety of the match by calling him “pretty f**king remarkable the whole bo3.” Though sad about the loss, he celebrated the fact that they could at least finally win their own map pick, preparing himself for the next match against Fnatic.

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After Na’Vi managed to equalise the score ‘1-1’ by winning the second game on Overpass, OG felt the pressure playing the decider on Dust 2. Having won six consecutive rounds OG was one away from equalising the score when disaster struck, as Na’Vi choked them right at the opening of the ‘Upper Tunnels’ leading onto the ‘B-Site’, breaking OG’s momentum and winning the map ‘16-13’.

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OG has still not found victory in the second phase of the league, facing back-to-back losses against some of the best teams in the world. But the silver lining is that despite the losses, they are putting up a fierce fight and it might not be long before we see them pulling off some spectacular upsets.


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