Dust 2 Released for Fortnite with Search & Destroy game mode

Aditya Singh Rawat
17/Feb/2020 07:10 am

Cover And Thumbnail Image Courtesy: Team Evolve

It looks like Dust 2 has been completely recreated by Team Evolve for Fortnite, as the creators released a video on their YouTube channel, giving everyone a glimpse of how the map looks along with a few cinematic gameplay footages.

The map is officially being called as ‘Dust 2 - Search & Destroy’ and based on the gameplay from the video it looks a lot like CS:GO, but instead of there being a weapon-buy loadout, players would have to choose their weapons off a wall near the spawn points. Another big difference would be the preferred third-person style gameplay instead of the first-person adopted by CS:GO.

Also, according to another unlisted video, it looks like the Fortnite version of the map will be played with 8 players on each side instead of the classic 5v5 as observed in CS:GO.

Image Credit: Team Evolve

All the aesthetics, player models, skins, and game mechanics remain the same as that of Fortnite, the only change observed is the ‘Search and Destroy’ game mode along with the map itself.

Players who are interested in trying out the game can go and input the code available on Team Evolve’s twitter feed.

Personally, this is the closest and the most exact replica of Dust 2 that has been created for Fortnite, complete with a Search & Destroy game mode. It looks and feels a bit animated, but then that is how it will be considering that it has been made using the Fortnite Creative.

In reality, being a CS:GO player, one can definitely appreciate the fact that an age-old map has been recreated for yet another game, but would still not find this game all that fun because the core gameplay mechanics are still very ‘Fortnite’. Would you be giving it a try though?


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