Veteran Esports Caster MonteCristo shows Interest Towards CS:GO

Aditya Singh Rawat
10/Jan/2020 03:47 pm

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Christopher “MonteCristo” Mykles who departed Overwatch League before the start of its third season has shown interest in other esport titles, including a keen interest towards CS:GO.

He revealed his love for the first-person shooter on Twitter while responding to Duncan “Thorin” Shields. He also went on to explain why he prefers being behind a desk rather than doing commentary.

“You aren’t a slave to the game and can cherry-pick the most interesting parts to focus on. It’s also better if you want to build up your persona since it is on camera and you can be more loose.”

The conversation came to an end with Thorin inviting the ex-Overwatch shoutcaster over to CS:GO, as BLAST Premier and Nicolas Estrup - Director of Product & Experience BLAST joined in on the discussion.

In response to reaching out to him, he said that,

“I've become good friends with many of the casters over the years but never had an opportunity to enter the scene.

I'd certainly be welcome to exploring opportunities to start dabbling in CSGO, especially as a desk host since I would need time and experience to get up to speed as a caster or analyst in order to do justice to the game.”

He has half a decade worth of experience working in the esports industry, during which he coached the League of Legends team for Counter Logic Gaming, worked as a commentator for a South Korean cable television channel, broadcasted both the LCK and the League of Legends World Championship, and did shout casting for the Overwatch League.

After a stint of two years, MonteCristo along with a couple of other talents has left the esport league behind after facing multiple creative differences. Let’s see if these conversations materialise into something substantial, do we see him at future Counter-Strike or not.


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