Speculations Point Towards Hatz Replacing DickStacy on Renegades

Aditya Singh Rawat
7/Jan/2020 08:19 am

Cover Image Courtesy: ORDER - Betway Esports | Thumbnail Image Courtesy: Liquipedia

Following the news of Australian esports organization ORDER parting ways with Jordan “Hatz” Bajic who was one of their founding players, it seems as if the 21-year-old rifler might be replacing Oliver “DickStacy” Tierney on Renegades.

This is because as per the team listing on ESEA’s website, Renegades roster for the upcoming ESEA MDL Season 33: Australia reads as follows,

Image Credit: ESEA

According to this, the player registered as Hatz1 has been enrolled as a player for Renegades alongside the other members of the team. While this may be fine, the fact that DickStacy is under the ‘unpaid’ category while Hatz1 is under ‘paid’, is the main reason why the speculation of him replacing the ex-Grayhound icon might be true.

This is however just a speculation, as neither Hatz nor Renegades has updated about such a roster shuffle, this might also be a temporary switch or a trial for the new player, but even if it is so, no such thing has been notified by the two parties involved.

As a matter of fact, the Renegades line-up on the tournaments Liquipedia page still shows DickStacy's name alongside the other players, with no mention of Hatz. But it is a different story on ESEA's registration page.

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Renegades have only played one tournament with the new roster yet, achieving a 9th - 12th finish at ESL Pro League Season 10 - Finals in 2019. They are certainly looking for a good start in 2020 as they go on to participate in ESEA MDL Season 33 starting 13th Jan followed by IEM Katowice 2020: Oceanic Closed Qualifier starting on 14th January.

Both the tournaments are crucial for the top Australian organization as one will qualify them for ESEA MDL Season 33 - Global Challenge, while the other will see them fly off to Katowice for the main event. Let's see if Renegades announce some permanent or temporary changes to its roster or do they continue to function as they are.


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