OG Defeats on Train to Register its First Competitive Victory

Aditya Singh Rawat
13/Dec/2019 10:58 pm

Cover Image Courtesy: BTS CS:GO | Thumbnail Image Courtesy: BTS CS:GO

OG has finally managed to register a win after losing their first three matches at cs_summt 5. The team led by Aleksi “Aleksib” Virolainen did start their day with a loss against in the first match but came back to steal a victory in the following game, to draw it out 1-1 in the first set against the Polish lineup.

Mirage - 19
OG - 15

The first match witnessed Dust 2 and Overpass being banned by, which was followed by the two teams duelling it out on Mirage. It was mantuu who led the way for OG, showing how good he is on the map. But despite his heroics, OG could not close out the match even after attaining a five-round lead in the first half.

The match went into overtime, with VP winning four straight rounds to secure the game ‘19-15’ Denying OG their first victory in the competitive circuit.

Train - 17
OG - 19

But they could not hold them back for long, as OG fought tooth and nails to secure their victory on Train. Another match which went into overtime witnessed a tough hustle between the two sides, but this time OG got the better of the Poles. Securing themselves their first-ever victory with a ‘19-17’ scoreline.

With this series coming to an end, OG out of their four matches have lost three and won just one match. They now go on to face G2 Esports in their second bout of the day. Let’s see how well do they perform against the Frenchmen, having gotten a good morale boost after that victory.


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