BTRG Benches adrnkiNg as zWin Joins the Team on a Trial Basis

Aditya Singh Rawat
16/Nov/2019 09:32 am

Cover Image Courtesy: Kelvin "EYX" Tiong | Thumbnail Image Courtesy: Adrian Setiawan

As per reports by CSGO2Asia, the Chinese esports organization BTRG has replaced Adrian “adrnkiNg” Setiawan with ZhiWei “zWin” Li. The change sees adrnkiNg depart from the teams active roster, taking the backseat as they pick up zWin on a trial basis.

BTRG recently qualified for the WESG 2019 - Global Finals through the WESG 2019 - SEA Finals, they had also qualified for OMEN Challenger Series 2019 which took place in Jakarta at the start of this month, but could not attend the tournament due to a schedule conflict.

They haven’t had the best year overall but have been attaining a lot of success in the past month or so. Despite their recent victories, adrnkiNg has been cut from the team mostly due to his below-par performance in the last few months, with an average overall rating of around 1.08 in the past two months the 21-year-old has been replaced by zWin, who despite having less experience has been taken up by the team on a trial basis.

With the WESG 2019 - Global Finals coming up in a few months time, let’s see how fast can the team adjust with a new fifth player.

The current BTRG line-up is as follows,

  • ZhiTao “Drea3er” Zhang

  • Anthony “ImpressioN” Lim

  • Kevin “Xccurate” Susanto

  • Kevin “Eeyore” Gunawan

  • Zhi Wei “zWin” Li

  • Yang “Start” Zhang [Coach]

  • Adrian “adrnkiNg” Setiawan [Benched]


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