IEM Suspends 'Suicide During Matches' from their Rulebook

Aditya Singh Rawat
8/Nov/2019 04:36 am

Cover Image Courtesy: Intel Extreme Masters | Thumbnail Image Courtesy: Intel Extreme Masters

IEM has announced that it will be temporarily revoking ‘Article 7.10.7 - Suicide During Matches’ from its recently updated IEM Season 14 - Rulebook. The rule is being suspended immediately, applying to the currently ongoing IEM Beijing 2019 as well.

According to IEM, the rule had been introduced “to discourage the actions that negatively affected the competition based on recent experiences and community feedback in the German ESL National Championship.”

There are certain situations in the game when it is more beneficial to deny the opposite team of a kill by committing suicide, and this rule from IEM prohibited players from doing so. This particular rule witnessed a huge uproar by the community against its implementation, as the majority of the users were vocal about it ruining the competitive nature of the game, working as a barrier against various strategies used by teams.

IEM shared the following statement on its website,

“After a careful internal review, we are reverting this decision. We will engage in a deeper discussion about the rule in question with the Counter-Strike Professional Players' Association (CSPPA) to ensure that all efforts to improve the viewing experience for fans at home are fully aligned with all relevant stakeholders.”

It will be interesting to see what CSPPA has to say about the rule and how it affects the viewing experience for someone.


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