New CS:GO update brings major changes to Vertigo including smoke assists

Aditya Singh Rawat
10/Oct/2019 07:37 am

Cover Image Courtesy: u/A-RM | Thumbnail Image Courtesy: Haci

In the latest update released by Valve yesterday for CS:GO, a lot of major changes have been made to Vertigo, while some ‘Vphysics Displacement Bug’ has also been fixed on both Dust 2 and Nuke among other small changes.

Following the end of the StarLadder Berlin Major 2019 where it was seemingly impossible to stop Astralis from winning on Vertigo, the dev team has stepped up and introduced some major changes on the map.

Bombsite A

The A-site has undergone a major transformation which might change the way CT-side sets itself up for an attack from the opposition.

Full view of new bombsite-A | Photo Credit: u/A-RM

  • The lower A ramp area has undergone a big change as the forklift at the bottom is no longer there, while the doorway leading to the lower ramp has itself been tightened. Another small change is that the gaps in between the sandbags in the lower ramp area have been filled up.

Tightened doorway to lower A-ramp | Photo Credit: u/A-RM

  • To cut off the CT-side from getting an advantage on the advancing T-side, the gap in the wooden fence has been closed shut, but the opening near the scaffolding has been made wider.

Top view of bombsite-A showcasing the closed gap in the wooden fence | Photo Credit: u/A-RM

  • But the biggest change is the combination of, one of the exits from CT-elevator room to the A site being closed down, so as to open a new side-path from scaffolding to A-site, due to which the lower exit from scaffolding has been closed.

New side-path from scaffolding to A-site | Photo Credit: u/A-RM

  • The last few changes on the site include the shifting of the dry-wall stack in exit from elevator room to A-site while widening the tall cover on the site.

Shifted dry-wall stack from elevator room to A-site | Photo Credit: u/A-RM

Bombsite B

Top view of the transformed B-site | Photo Credit: u/A-RM

  • Unlike the A-site, this site had just two major changes including, the widening of the CT-sided entrance to the site and the addition of blockers to the ends of the ‘outer walkway’ around the site.

Widened CT-side entrance to B-site | Photo Credit: u/A-RM

Blockers added to the outer walkway around B-site | Photo Credit: u/A-RM


Apart from the specific changes to the bombsites, some other changes have also been made around the map.

  • The dark cubby by the HVACs near the T-spawn has been removed.

  • The door in mid has been removed while the overall geometry of that section has been improved, also the corner in top mid has been sliced.

  • Bombsite boxes have been re-coloured to red.

  • Some boxes at CT spawn have been removed.

  • The interior lights have been brightened throughout the map.

While all these changes are absolutely perfect, there seem to be dots added by the devs to help players land a boost smoke on the transformed vertigo as well.

While massive changes were introduced to Vertigo, some gameplay changes were also introduced.

  • As a bid to experiment some of the new users will be restricted to only Casual and/or Deathmatch until they reach ‘Private Rank 2’. This means, that some users might be restricted to just Casual or Deathmatch, any one of the two, while some might get access to both of them but nothing else.

  • The shutdown sequence of official servers has been improved.

For a full list of changes click HERE.


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