DreamEaters part ways with its entire roster

Aditya Singh Rawat
8/Oct/2019 07:32 am

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Svyatoslav ‘Svyat’ Dovbakh took to Twitter to announce that the DreamEaters entire CS:GO roster had parted ways with the organization and more information on it would be given soon.

The CEO of DreamEaters, Anton Vinogradov had also posted on TwitLonger an hour before Svyat made the announcement, which revealed that the organization was finding it difficult to pay the players their salaries on time during spring this year.

However, he also clarifies that all dues with the players were settled, by compensating the players from the share of organization stickers and also giving each of them a 240 Hz monitor. As a token of trust that the organization wouldn’t cheat on the players, access to sticker payments was shared with the players.

According to Anton, the situation currently stands like this,

“All 6 people (players and the coach) are going to leave the organization, taking with them the percentage that they owe to the team. In exchange, according to the players, we should keep the prize money that the team has earned recently from the tournaments. The two amounts are almost the same.

However, our position is simple, during the preparation for CIS Minor and Berlin Major players lived on the territory of the organization, received a salary and were supported financially in every way. A great deal of money has been spent and we believe that this should be compensated by either the players or by an organization that they transfer to. In fact, it’s just an attempt to ‘throw’ by paying off the money that already belongs to us.”

He concludes by saying that they will not let go of the situation and will ensure that the players don’t get to participate in any of the upcoming tournaments.

“Team maintenance is a very expensive and absolutely non-profitable business, and even more when a team that shows no stable results (first half of the year). And the overall picture, in my opinion, is not in favour of the players. Of course, we had difficult periods, this is a fact. But what is happening now is way too much.”

Talking about firing their coach, Aleksandr ‘zoneR’ Bogatiryev, without the knowledge of the players, he says it had to be done.

“The way he conducted himself was unacceptable, no one gives him the right to disrespect his colleagues. In 10 cases out of 10, I would have fired the coach in the same way.”

An official statement by the DreamEater players is still awaited. For now, we only have one side of the story, as the ex-DreamEater’s currently participated in WePlay! Forge of Masters Season 2 with both European Champions Cup and DreamHack Open Rotterdam 2019 up next on their list.

The following line-up stands together, not part of the DreamEater organization any longer,

  • Semyon "kinqie" Lisitsyn 

  • Svyatoslav "svyat" Dovbakh 

  • Vladislav "Krad" Kravchenko 

  • Anton "speed4k" Titov

  • Igor "Forester" Bezotecheskiy

  • Aleksandr "zoneR" Bogatiryev (coach)


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