G2, EG and Astralis through to the playoffs on Day 2 of ESL One: New York 2019

Aditya Singh Rawat
28/Sep/2019 08:04 am

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  • G2 Esports, EG and Astralis qualify for the playoffs.
  • Coldzera bottom frags for FaZe Clan and attains his worst ever HLTV rating of his career.
  • Astralis to go up against the number one ranked, Team Liquid, today in the semifinals.

The second day of ESL One: New York 2019 was absolutely crazy. The Group-A decider witnessed G2 sending ENCE packing after a close three-game series. But it was the other group which made the day so much better than the first.

OpTic Gaming defeating a new FaZe Clan was quite a shocker. This was followed by the newly formed Evil Geniuses roster taking down Astralis.

Elimination Match

Group - A witnessed G2 score a ‘2-1’ victory over the Finnish side to secure themselves a spot in the playoffs.

The three-game series did not start off well for G2 as they faced stiff competition from the Finns. The match went into overtime but G2 managed to come through as the victors.

ENCE did not let this affect them as they went on to secure a victory on their own map pick, Nuke. The team had a brilliant T-sided performance which helped them cruise to an easy finish thus equalising the score.

The decider on Overpass witnessed both teams going toe-to-toe, with G2 coming out on top with a one-round lead. This worked out well for G2 as they played CT-sided in the second half and slowly took control of the game away from the Finns, running away with the game by a score of ‘16-11’.

The Upset Heavy Group

Group-B had the viewers jumping up and down as OpTic Gaming eliminated FaZe, winning back-to-back games as both the newcomers broky and coldzera failed to perform for their side. The two held a less than impressive overall rating of 0.75 and 0.57 according to HLTV.

While people were still digesting this, EG also went on to claim victory over Berlin Major champions Astralis. The NA squad had to endure a tough fight but they played their hearts out and stood their ground to walk away with a ‘2-0’ victory.

Device gave his best to propel the Danes towards the finish line but EG was just too good, as both Brehze and CeRq had a great time shredding through the Danish line-up.

Astralis did go on to win their decider against OpTic quite easily. Restricting OpTic to a single-digit score on both Nuke and Dust 2. The green wall fell twice against Astralis, escaping an embarrassing ‘16-0’ defeat on the first day by securing one round in the favour. With this, both EG and Astralis have secured themselves a berth in the playoffs.


  • EG secured a straight ‘2-0’ victory over Astralis, taking their revenge from the recently concluded Berlin Major, where they lost to the Danes in the semifinals while playing for their previous organization NRG Esports.

  • FaZe Clan faced an embarrassing loss to OpTic Gaming, as the European side went down ‘2-0’ and were eliminated from the tournament.

  • The two new recruits, broky and coldzera bottom fragged for their side, as they held a really bad overall KDA of -12 and -22, respectively. Also, coldzera registered his worst ever HLTV rating of his career (0.57).

Helvijs 'broky' Saukants
Marcelo 'coldzera' David

  • AmaNEk from G2 Esports took a terrific clutch against ENCE. While being 1v3 against the Finns, he took two amazing AWP kills and then accidentally pressed ‘alt+tab’. He quickly returned back to the game and took the third kill from his sidearm, to secure the round for his side.

  • Cajunb took a quad kill with an AWP against Astralis in their elimination match. Though they lost, this play was certainly something.

This was all the action that took place on the second day of ESL One: New York 2019. Today, while the Danes face off against Liquid, the number one ranked team in the world, EG will be up against G2 for a spot in the finals.


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