Team Liquid Qualifies for ESL One New York Playoffs on Day 1

Aditya Singh Rawat
27/Sep/2019 08:17 am

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  • Team Liquid has qualified for the playoffs of ESL One New York 2019
  • G2 Esports to face off against ENCE today in a do-or-die matchup.
  • Astralis and EG lead their group with one victory a piece.

The first day of the ESL One: New York 2019 was as exciting as expected with Team Liquid securing a place for themselves in the playoffs by going ‘2-0’, defeating both eUnited and G2 Esports. On the other side, it was Astralis and Evil Geniuses that took the pole positions.

Group - A

Group - A
Team Liquid
G2 Esports

Team Liquid dropped just one map against G2 Esports on their way to the playoffs. While ENCE faced a harsh defeat against G2, after giving them a mighty tough fight. But the Finns bounced back against eUnited, who became the first team to get eliminated from the tournament.

G2 Esports and ENCE will be going up against each other for a second time today in a decider matchup. While the winner will be moving on to the semifinals, the loser will see itself walk out of the tournament.

Group - B

Group - B
Evil Geniuses
FaZe Clan
OpTic Gaming

This group witnessed both Astralis and EG secure themselves an easy victory against their respective opponents, OpTic and FaZe. FaZe featuring their new line-up were clearly struggling to keep pace with EG, who recently secured the NRG line-up to step into the world of competitive CS:GO for the first time ever.

Astralis were on top of their game, as usual, embarrassing OpTic on Dust 2 as they claimed the map ‘16-1’ in their favour. The Danes seem to be determined to snatch that number one spot away from Team Liquid.

Today, two teams making their way through this group will be decided as the other two teams are eliminated from the tournament.


  • It was a truly disappointing performance by NiKo on Vertigo against EG. He finished the map with a rating of 0.26 and held an overall rating of 0.54.

  • Broky stood out to be the heavy hitter for FaZe. The youngster went on to take a total of +30 frags. Leading his side on the scoreboard throughout.

  • Though Liquid secured themselves a slot in the playoffs, EliGE seemed to be having a bit of a tough time. He was surely playing great but faded out a bit in front of his teammates. Let’s see if he bounces back in the playoffs.

  • Adren’s precise instructions during the timeout which gave Liquid the edge over the opposition.

  • OpTic Gaming’s embarrassing ‘16-1’ loss on Dust 2 against Astralis. The Danes stormed through the ‘Green Wall’ leaving behind a lot of rubble and memory of device hammering them with the AWP.

  • KioShiMa showing how to control your rifle with an excellent spray control.

Let’s see if Astralis face Liquid in the semifinals or do the two teams make their way to the finals for an epic clash that everyone is eagerly waiting to witness.


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