Molotov's burning effect a big hindrance for low-end system users

Aditya Singh Rawat
15/Sep/2019 11:28 pm

Cover Image Courtesy: ESEA | Thumbnail Image Courtesy: ESEA

It has been revealed that having ‘High Effect Settings’ along with ‘Very High Shader Settings’ can actually give a player significant benefit when spotting an enemy through a burning Molotov.

According to a tweet by Counter-Strike personality, Don Haci, Molotov which is at times used as a second smoke bomb, should not be allowed to be used as such due to a difference in its appearance while burning, when viewed from a ‘low-end computer’ vs ‘high-end computer’.

One user (@ZooL_Smith) was able to sort out this problem within minutes and even uploaded a video of the Molotov giving a similar effect across both the low and high-end systems.

When asked as to how he was able to come up with a solution so quickly, his reply was, “I just removed the smoke from file.” It actually seemed to have done the trick as the Molotov’s appearance looked similar in the two instances.

Haci went on to show how the difference between the Molotov’s burning effect becomes worse when observed from the ground level as compared to the earlier elevated level.

He wanted to know why Valve is not optimizing smaller things like this because according to Valve they don’t have 128 tick servers 'cause the majority of the players don’t have a PC that can support it, so why now make the Molotovs burning effect act differently for the two types of systems?


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