Edward Snowden replies to James Bardolph on Twitter

Aditya Singh Rawat
14/Sep/2019 07:06 am

Cover Image Courtesy: CBS News  | Thumbnail Image Courtesy: StarLadder (Igor Bezborodov)

The currently ongoing BLAST Pro Series: Moscow 2019 had a lot of surprises to offer, the biggest being forZe winning both their matches to lead the points table at the end of the first day. But an even bigger surprise came in the form of Edward Snowden, the famous American whistleblower, replying to James Bardolph’s tweet in which the caster had tagged him.

While casting a match alongside Daniel ‘ddk’ Kapadia, Bardolph sent out a tweet mentioning Edward Snowden to come and join them at the arena for casting, while adding that he would promote his upcoming book “Permanent Record”.

To everyone’s surprise, the resident of Russia replied to the tweet revealing that he is an enthusiast of the game himself, but hasn’t played now for a long time, declining the offer to cast at the event.

Bardolph still persisted him to at least come for the event, where his upcoming book would also be promoted.

The CS community went crazy after hearing about the tweet as they started making all sorts of hilarious comments like, ‘If Snowden shows up to a csgo tournament before gaben I swear to god’, ‘could you leak some roster moves for us?’, ‘Leak the next operation’, etc.

Bardolph was certainly hyped after this instance and kept talking about it through the rest of the casting session.


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