New Legends Stage - Day 5 Recap | Best Highlights, Plays, Memes & Emotional Moments

Aditya Singh Rawat
2/Sep/2019 12:47 am

Cover Image Courtesy: Igor Bezborodov | Thumbnail Image Courtesy: Team Liquid

The last day of the New Legends Stage was quite competitive as six teams fought for their survival at StarLadder Berlin Major 2019. At the end of a long day it was Renegades, Liquid and Na’Vi who made their way through to the Champions Stage, as their opponents reached an end to their journey.

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Round 5 Matches

Highlight Of The Day

While we surely had two matches going to a decider, it was Liquid against CR4ZY that won everyone’s heart. The NA giants and currently the best team in the world had to really give it their best shot against their European opposition.

CR4ZY were in for a serious fight as they hit Liquid with everything that they had to offer. The two teams started off on Mirage where Liquid felt the most confident to claim victory, but it turned into a touch and go situation for them as CR4ZY took the game into overtime, but somehow Liquid managed to see its way through the ordeal to go one up in the three-game series.

Now on CR4ZY’s map pick, the two continued to exchange blows on Dust 2, a map on which CR4ZY were able to turn things around for themselves after a ‘five-overtime’ match against Astralis.

Once again the game took a turn in the same direction as yesterday’s with the teams reaching a stalemate at ‘18-18’. But Liquid did not let the matter prolong itself as they secured victory on the back of Stewie2K and NAF producing some amazing plays to secure Liquid a slot in the Championship Stage.

Best Plays Of The Day

Shox With Infinite Patience

KennyS With A Triple

Ropz Delivers With An Ace

Stewie2K Fluid As A Cat

Karrigan Makes Every Bullet Count

Best Memes | Funny Moments

Fan Moments | Emotional Moments

With the three final slots being occupied by the qualifying teams today. The Championship Stage seems to be all set for the final push.


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