New Legends Stage - Day 3 Recap | Best Highlights, Plays, Memes & Emotional Moments

Aditya Singh Rawat
30/Aug/2019 11:08 pm

Cover Image Credit: Astralis | Thumbnail Image Credit: Samsung Suomi

The third day of the New Legends Stage came to an end today with two teams qualifying through to the playoffs while two teams were eliminated from StarLadder Berlin Major 2019.

With the passing of each day, the competition keeps getting better and after a mostly passive day one and a slightly entertaining day two, today’s Counter-Strike was simply superb in all aspects. We witnessed ENCE and NRG make their way through to the next round after defeating Vitality and Astralis in straight sets. As DreamEaters and NiP reached the end of their journey here in Berlin.

Image Credit: Liquipedia

The teams hanging in the middle and enjoying their single match faceoff was where the most unexpected results were obtained, as Na’Vi went down to mousesports while AVANGAR and CR4ZY took care of Liquid and FaZe, to set up an eventful elimination bracket for tomorrow.

Image Credit: Liquipedia

Highlight Of The Day

There is not one but a total of three match-ups that have made it to the following segment. The match-up between the Danish giants Astralis taking on NRG, Liquid buckling to the grit shown by AVANGAR and mousesports tossing Na’Vi to the elimination bracket.

Astralis had a long game against NRG on Train, and when I say long I mean it. The match came to an end on the fifth overtime, as the teams tied the record for the longest map at a CS:GO Major, playing a total of 59 rounds.

Cerq was the one man stopping Astralis from celebrating, he took his time but made sure that NRG was the one to walk away with the victory.

While the first map took ages to come to an end, NRG seemed to be in a hurry to wrap things up, as they defeated Astralis on their ace map Nuke by a dominating score of ‘16-4’. Maybe the first map had a huge impact on the Danish side as they just weren’t in the zone to play out the series properly.

While this unexpected setback was tough to take in, Na’Vi and Liquid added a whole new layer to it after getting knocked down to the elimination bracket. On one hand, Mouz snatched victory from Na’Vi’s clutches while on the other it was a complete meltdown from Liquid that helped AVANGAR settle the score and move ahead.

Best Plays Of The Day

Cerq Ace + Cluth Moment

Jame Crucial Clutch

Stanislaw With The Trigger Discipline

Best Memes | Funny Moments

Tom Cruise Hits Monitor

Fan Moments | Emotional Moments

f0rest Spending The Break Between Maps Alone

With this we come to an end of a roller coaster of a day, it ran high on emotions as some teams celebrated while others suffered. There were certainly a lot of upsets and this sets up an unexpected elimination bracket for tomorrow along with an interesting qualifying bracket. Let’s see who takes the cake and who sees its way out of Berlin.

Image Credit: Liquipedia


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