Tyloo stands victorious at the Huya Asia Championship 2019

Aditya Singh Rawat
15/Aug/2019 01:43 pm

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The Huya Asia Championship 2019 came to an end today with Tyloo walking away as the winners. The counter-strike league which had started back in 24th July finally came to an end today after about 3 weeks of relentless competition.

A total of twelve teams participated in the event, four of which were directly selected for the playoffs while the remaining eight had to compete in the regular league.

Teams Directly Invited To The Playoffs

NOTE: As Team MVP PK later announced their withdrawal from the tournament. Instead of four teams making it through to the Regular Season, the number was increased to five.

Regular League

8Easy, BTRG, Ehome, IPet Gaming, Mazaalai, Very1ZGaming, OneThree.TSG and VitalSpark were the eight teams that had to play through the regular league in order to make it into the playoffs.

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The regular league followed a round-robin swiss format where each team played against every other team once in a best-of-three series. The top five teams were guaranteed a slot in the playoffs.


The teams fought well in the playoffs. BTRG with the addition of Xccurate barely made it past the first stage but still managed to reach the semifinals, where they were eliminated by Tyloo.

It was a bit of a disappointment to see ViCi lose to EHOME by a straight-set. But EHOME met the same fate in the finals, as Tyloo cleaned them up ‘3-0’ to run away with an easy victory and stand tall as the winners of the local CS:GO league.

The event worked as a great warm-up for the Chinese side, as Tyloo won seven maps in a row and picked up the trophy without losing a single game, while also walking away with a cash prize of $7,115.27 USD (¥ 50,000).

The Berlin Major will be a tough challenge for the sole Asian representative, with the journey set to start from 23rd August onwards, let’s see how far is Tyloo able to reach this time around.


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