ZOTAC Cup Masters 2018: Kinguin & MIBR Stand Strong On Day-2

Aditya Singh Rawat

26th, Aug, 2018

The second day of ZOTAC Cup Masters 2018 bought with it the two semifinal matches between Ghost and Kinguin followed by MIBR and MVP PK. 

Both the matches were a BO3 with the winners moving onto the finals while the losers would be knocked out of the tournament.

The first semifinal of the day witnessed Ghost facing off against Kinguin in a BO3 series.

Match - 1

Ghost took the pistol round in the first match which took place on Mirage. Kinguin quickly responded by taking the next four rounds and securing a small lead. Ghost adopted a double AWP strategy which worked in their favour, winning them 5 consecutive rounds. The next four rounds were equally divided between them bringing the score to ‘8-7’ at halftime in favour of Kinguin

Kinguin took a hat-trick post-halftime but Ghost changing their playstyle yet again snuck 6 consecutive rounds to lead once more. Kinguin adapted to the situation and shut down Ghost to win the next 6 rounds and take the match ‘16-14’.

Match - 2

The second match was played on Nuke with Kinguin getting off to a strong start by winning the initial three rounds. Ghost swiped the fourth round away from them but lost the next three to grant Kinguin a sizeable lead. The next three rounds went back-and-forth but Ghost managed to take the lead by winning five out of the last six rounds to bring the score to ‘8-7’ at halftime.

Post the halftime it was Ghost winning nine rounds while Kinguin managed to grab one in the middle, leading to an easy victory for Ghost with the score reading ‘16-9’.

Match - 3

The decider bout took place on Overpass. Ghost won the first two rounds which were followed by two rounds for Kinguin. Ghost took the fifth-round only to witness four consecutive defuses by Kinguin to give them the lead. An exchange of a few rounds towards the end of the halftime witnessed Kinguin lead with a score of ‘8-7’. 

RIght after the halftime Kinguin executed some terrific plays to win them 7 rounds in a row. They dropped a round to Ghost before finishing the final match, with a score of ‘16-8’

With this Kinguin won the series ‘2-1’ and moved through to the finals while Ghost was knocked out of the tournament.


The second semifinal of the day was played between MIBR and MVP PK in a BO3 series.


The first match between the two teams took place on Inferno. MIBR was off to a solid start winning three in a row but dropped the fourth-round to MVP. They won the very next round but gave away three consecutive rounds to bring the scores to a standstill. The halftime score was ‘8-7’ in the favour of MVP. 

Post-halftime MVP got just one win in the second pistol round after which MIBR took the steering wheel and drove themselves past the finish line in the first match with a score of ‘16-9’


The second clash was fought on Dust 2 where MIBR heavily dominated the first half of the game with the scores reading ‘12-3’ at halftime. A courageous effort by MVP PK in the second half faltered as MIBR won the match with a score of ‘16-10’

With this MIBR won the series ‘2-0’ and moved through to the finals while MVP PK was knocked out of the tournament.

With this, the second day of the tournament comes to an end as we look forward to the grand finale of ZOTAC Cup Masters 2018 which will be held today on 26th August.

Catch the live stream on Twitch at https://www.twitch.tv/zotac_cup



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