Yodhas and Sherdils split points evenly

Shounak Sengupta

21st, Jan, 2018
The second episode of U Cypher saw Yodha’s and Sherdils split points evenly, as no clear winner emerged after the 4 titles were played out. With Real Cricket going the Yodha’s way and Tekken being won by the Sherdils, it came down to CS GO and Dota, the two games with the majority of the points.
Falken’s absence costs Sherdils
Both teams fought it out on train, a map with a relative CT side advantage. Wuzz and Pexxer looked ready for the challenge and enabled their entire team to play confidently as it was evident that they were in their element as the map was being played out. Sherdils sorely missed Falken, one of their key players for the season and had some nothing new to offer beyond some default setups. They managed to get 10 rounds on the board, but the Yodha’s had their number the entire time.
Sherdils obliterate Yodhas in Dota
Sherdils were the clear winners of the laning phase and managed to convert it to an easy victory as they danced circles around the Yodhas for the most part. With Ember having an easy lane against the TA in mid, he got off to a snowball start and was unstoppable from there on out. And with his MK winning the melee battle against Sand King, there was nothing the Yodhas could do other than watch their towers and base eventually crumble. Sherdils had heroes like the Batrider to take easy pickoffs and converted them to objectives eventually building up a gold lead that was unassailable. The game ended with the Sherdils up 48 kills to the 8 of the Yodhas.
Both teams need to up their performance in the upcoming matches and will look to getting clear-cut victories rather than having to share points. Currently, both sit at joint second place above Yakshas.
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