Yakshas get the double over the Yodhas

Shounak Sengupta

7th, Feb, 2018
Yakshas picked up yet another win yesterday, their second win over the Yodhas in fact as they moved up to the number  1 position in the leaderboard table. The Yodhas have been unable to get any sort of momentum of late and haven’t won a game in over 4 matches and they must now make dire changes to prevent a bottom 2 finish.
The Yakshas looked solid in both Tekken and Real Cricket to pick up 6 valuable points for themselves. In their previous encounter, the Yodhas won the Counter-Strike matchup while Dota was won by the Yakshas. Let’s check out what happened in yesterdays match.
Overkill in overtime
It was only the second match of the season that ended up going to overtime but it was the Yakshas who came out on top with both Skadoosh and impale picking up over 30 frags each. On the Yodhas side, it certainly wasn’t the best of days, especially for Wuzz and Pexxer and that was one of the clear reasons for their downfall. The map choice train was leaning towards the Yodhas as they had already registered a win on it while the Yakshas had lost to the Sherdils.
The map was extremely close for the most part, with a single round separating the teams in the first half. The Yodhas would make some incredible plays in the second half of the map, forcing out overtime by making a comeback from being 2 match points down. In overtime, the Yakshas started off the T side well picking up 2 rounds and resetting the Yodhas with two clean hits on the outer and the inner sides respectively. The third round surprisingly went the Yodhas way despite a pistol armour buy being all they could muster up. After the switch, Starboy managed to find 2 crucial kills at Ivy, shutting down the T side in the first round. A hastily executed A hit was further foiled by the CTs with good usage of utility isolating the T’s. With that, the Yakshas closed out the map at 19-16.
Yakshas mess up the draft
The Yakshas veered away from their usual late game strategies and looked a bit out of place. The match pitted two former teammates Cyberhen/Eleven against Acrid and it seems that it was the Yodhas who were the better team on the day. Yodhas completely took over the game come mid-game, using the LC’s duel to perfection everytime it was up. Appa’s OD and Acrid’s Sven couldn’t do much and the Pugna pick from the Yodhas just wasn’t something that the Yaksha’s were ready to deal with. The first high ground push from the Yodhas sealed the Yakshas fate as Kael on the LC found the OD and there was no coming back from there.

The Yakshas picked up 11 points to move ahead of the Marksmen, who do have a game in hand. The Yodhas meanwhile barely managed to overtake the Akramaks by a single point but Kappa's team still have a whole game to play.


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