Yakshas finish the group stages in fine fashion

Shounak Sengupta

21st, Feb, 2018
The Yakshas confirmed their top berth in the group stages and finished things off on a high as they move onto the next stage with high hopes.
The Sherdils are already guaranteed to go through but will be left with much to think about after yesterdays performance. They picked up only 3 points from the Tekken title and are yet to be beaten in it. However the rest of the points were all lapped up by the Yakshas who are the first and only team to cross 100 points this season.
Yakshas on the mark in CS:GO
Both the Yakshas and the Sherdils have been hit or miss in CSGO and it seems as if this time it was the Yakshas day, as they picked up an impressive victory. The map in play was train and the Yakshas took a convincing 16-10 victory with players like impale and Skadoosh carrying them to a win.
Despite the fact that the Yakshas were leading the first half 13-2, the Sherdils too showed a solid CT side with Ritz and Busterr being key at defending the sites. However a 11 round deficit was too much to come back from as they got only 10 before the game was over.
A late game fiesta
Both teams have been incredibly solid in Dota and the Dota game went right down to the wire before the Yakshas forced the gg. The Sherdils had a Spectre in the late game, but the tankyYakshas lineup were able to stand tall while their Storm Spirit zipped around and created chaos. The Sherdils had the better lineup on paper but the Yakshas executed better and were clutch in the late game stages, allowing them to come out on top. One of the closest and best games of the group stages, it will be an exciting clash if these two teams are to face one another in the playoffs again.
This was the last game for both teams in the group stages and both have secured spots in the playoffs. Both teams performed similarly with good performances in the single player titles and Dota 2. However CS:GO has been a point of concern for both the Yakshas and the Sherdils and something the teams will have to work on before the group stages. 


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