Will US Iran tensions affect Dota players in the region

Shounak Sengupta

23o, Jun, 2019

The currently ongoing political and military tensions between US and Iran might affect Dota players in Iran. Already League of Legends has been banned in the country due to trade sanctions imposed by the US on Iran forcing US-based Riot Games to pull out of the country.


While Valve is yet to do the same, there are concerns that they might be forced to. It’s not just Dota 2 which will be affected but largely Steam itself because it too is owned by Valve, which is based out of the US. This means that popular titles like CS:GO, PUBG and Dota 2 might also face a similar situation, should the US Iran tensions escalate.


Yesterday, US president, Donald Trump announced that they will impose major economic sanctions on Iran to stop them from obtaining nuclear weaponry. The situation is indeed quite tense and while the banning of a few videogames might not be the biggest repercussion of the fallout, it will certainly be sad news for players from the country.