Who will be our Grand finalists for SEA Open Qualifier #2?

Vignesh Raghuram

25th, Jun, 2017
Goodbye BO1s, hello BO3s. The cut-throat scenarios of the BO1 portion of the Open Qualifiers are now over, only 4 teams have survived the bloodbath. WG.Unity, WG.Youth, Moogle, and MVP.Revolution.

WG.Unity haven’t put a foot wrong in the open qualifers #2 and they’ve continued that streak against Neon~. ChYuan completely styled upon Neon~ pulling out 14-2-12 scoreline on his Storm Spirit which kind of reminded us of Suamil’s Storm Spirit.
WG.Youth pulled out a miraculous comeback against Skyville to stay alive in the SEA Open Qualifiers. Their Razer-Puck centric lineup made some great strategic decisions to make this possible. I am sure that their experience in the upper tiers of SEA Dota helped them a lot in this respect. The MVP of this match was Kyxy on the Razor, who made sure to drain Sven’s damage every single time in the lategame teamfights, he even managed to surpass the Sven in networth despite playing Razor, a hero who doesn’t have any farm acceleration tools.

They will now go face to face against their sister team WG.Unity. This guarantees that one team from the Warriors Gaming organization will get into the Grand Finals.

Meanwhile, Meracle’s Moogle destroyed Rex Regum Qeon in their Quarterfinal matchup. However, it was Mango on the Midlane OD who completely took over the game and lead his team towards victory boasting a KDA of 14-0-2 by the time the game to an end.

They will take on MVP.Revolution in their semifinal matchup. It will be quite interesting to see how MVP.Revolution tackle Meracle and Mango and how they will devote their resources to disrupt the strong laning phase of Moogle.

Thus the Semifinal Matchups are

MVP.Revolution vs Moogle

WG.Unity vs WG.Youth

Unfortunately, we won't be casting the SemiFinals because we are facing some technical issues. (Indian ISPs smh). But you can tune into  Beyond The Summit's Twitch channel to watch the games unfold.


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