WG.Unity, Veteran, BOOM ID and TNC Predator have qualified for WESG 2018: Finals

Vignesh Raghuram

14th, Dec, 2018

The SEA region finally has its representatives for the WESG 2018: Finals in China. Malaysian team: WG.Unity, Indonesian team: BOOM ID, Myanmar team: Veteran, have joined Filipino team: TNC Predator in qualifying for the playoffs, securing themselves atleast $1500 and a place in the WESG 2018: World Finals.


WG.Unity’s road to qualification


WG.Unity kicked off their journey to the playoffs with a win over the Laos team: KPV Gaming in just 27 minutes with a 37-6 kill score. They followed that up with another relatively easy win over Thailand representative: Alpha Red, before clinching qualification with their biggest stomp yet - an 18-minute victory over Singaporean team: Resurgence.


BOOM ID’s road to qualification


BOOM ID started off with a win against Brunei representative: RevivaL, they lost their next game to Vietnamese team: MEGA Aorus, before coming back to win two games in a row against Myanmar team: Veteran and Alpha Red to book their spots in the playoffs.


Veteran’s road to qualification

Veteran won the first game of the WESG 2018: SEA Finals against Singaporean team: Resurgence, before handing out yet another a loss to Brunei rep: RevivaL. Their 3rd match was up against BOOM ID, where they picked up a Meepo. However, they lost the hard-fought 37-minute game as Dreamocel’s Juggernaut mowed down the Myanmar team and handed them their 1st loss of the tournament.

Veteran managed to secure the final win against Laos team KPV Gaming to secure their spot in the playoffs and the WESG 2018: Finals.

The four teams: TNC Predator, Veteran, BOOM ID and WG.Unity will now clash against each other for their shot at the $15,000 prizepool in the WESG 2018: SEA Finals - playoffs.



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