WESG 2018 Dota 2: South and West Asia Qualifiers to kick off tomorrow including India, Pakistan and 20 other countries

Shounak Sengupta

5th, Nov, 2018

Image credits: WESG 

The qualifiers for WESG 2018 are already underway with different regions being played out on different days. The first of the 2 qualifiers for the West and South Asia Region will kick off tomorrow. The second qualifier will begin on the 21st of November.

The countries included in the West and South Asia region are as follows:

  1. India

  2. Pakistan

  3. Nepal

  4. Bhutan

  5. Bangladesh

  6. Sri Lanka

  7. East Timor

  8. Afghanistan

  9. Jordan

  10. Bahrain

  11. Maldives

  12. Iran

  13. Iraq

  14. UAE

  15. Yemen

  16. Syria

  17. Saudi Arabia

  18. Qatar

  19. Palestine

  20. Lebanon

  21. Kuwait

  22. Oman


The qualifiers will take place via Faceit and kick off at 18:30 pm IST. Registrations are open till 18:00 IST and can be done via the WESG website only.


Notable teams in the qualifiers


From India, LXG, Signify and ROG Titans seem to be the 3 top contenders. From Pakistan, we see Portal Esports and Prometheus Gaming as the 2 big names in the list of teams that have already registered. Currently, only 18 teams have registered out of a possible 512. Considering that the number of countries itself is 22, the number seems pretty paltry. We urge teams from all of the above-mentioned nations to try and register for the event. A chance to represent your country doesn’t come easily but with WESG it is possible.


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