WESG 2017 - Team Previews: EVOS Esports

Vignesh Raghuram

9th, Mar, 2018
Indonesia is a growing powerhouse in the SEA Dota 2 spectrum. With teams like BOOM.ID and Rex Regum Qeon pulling their weight in International tournaments. EVOS Esports are one of the Indonesian teams at the forefront of this. One of the strongest SEA teams at the event, it would be interesting to see how far they can go at the WESG 2017: Grand Finals.

EVOS Esports’ Road to WESG 2017

Indonesian Qualifiers:

EVOS Esports had one of the most dominant runs in the regional qualifiers, considering the level of teams competing in the Indonesian qualifiers. They didn’t drop a single game in their winning run towards qualifying for the WESG 2017: APAC finals, beating out teams like Rex Regum Qeon, BOOM ID, and The Prime NND.

Heading into the APAC finals, It wouldn’t be far-fetched to say that, EVOS Esports would have considered anything but a Top 8 finish as a failure. They headed into the APAC finals with momentum on their side.

Image Credits: EVOS Esports

APAC Finals:

EVOS Esports continued their dominant form in the Group Stages, going 4-0 in a strong group whilst beating out teams like Seventh Heaven, Eximious Esports to book a place in the Quarterfinals. However, they were handed an extremely difficult draw. They had to go up against Rock.Y (The eventual winners of the event).

Despite EVOS Esports showing some resistance, the Chinese team(Rock.Y) were just on an entirely different level, beating down the Indonesian team 2-0 to eliminate the Indonesians from the event. EVOS Esports walked out with just $4000 in winnings after only dropping a single series in the entirety of WESG: 2017.

Forecast at WESG main event

At the main event they will be playing from Group D and will go up against the Thailand side Alpha.Red, Ukraine’s UAshki and as fate would have it, Rock.Y, The Chinese team who knocked them out of the APAC Finals.

While EVOS Esports would definitely be gunning for revenge against Rock.Y, they’d do well to remember that their qualification to the playoffs is not guaranteed. Alpha.Red was a relatively weaker team in the APAC Finals, they are a team with nothing to lose which might cause them to punch above their weight. UAshki are no pushovers either, with players like Mag~ and Iceberg in their team.

But we still expect them to qualify for the playoffs, considering the talent they possess.

Follow all the action from WESG and follow your favorite Asian teams as we keep you up to date with all the happenings from the main event!

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