WESG 2017 - Phase 2 of the Group Stages has kicked off

Vignesh Raghuram

16th, Mar, 2018
Today saw the conclusion of Group A and Group B in Phase 2 of the WESG 2017: Grand Finals. SEA’s Fire Dragoon prevailed in Group A, whereas we saw a massive upset in Group B where EHOME where eliminated from the competition.

Here is a short recap of the day’s proceedings

Stunning Cosplays showcased at the WESG 2017: Grand Finals
Group A

Team Greece lead by Giorgos "Spartan" Giannakopoulos, who is currently plying his trade in the SEA region with Clutch Gamers secured the top spot in Group A after continuing their winning streak. The team has not dropped a single match in this tournament.

They came out ahead of the Malaysian squad, Fire Dragoon who have also qualified for the playoffs after they finished in 2nd place. Both teams have advanced to the quarterfinal playoffs, securing a top 8 placement and at least $25,000 prize.

Team Kazakhstan was eliminated from contention after they lost to both Fire Dragoon and Team Greece. The final matchup of this group was abandoned, as the group was decided.

Group B

Team Serbia struggled today to find any wins, falling into the last slot of their group after the fierce opponents of Group B. The competition was tough with EHOME, Keen Gaming and SG esports all having their regular, professional competition squads intact. At the end, when the dust settled, EHOME had been knocked down. The Brazilians shined at the top and along with Keen Gaming advanced to the playoffs. 

EHOME must be disappointed with this result especially because they have seemingly regressed after picking up Chinese mid star Wang "old chicken" Zhiyong


Tomorrow, the event will continue with the Phase 2 of the group stages and determine the teams which will advance from Group C and D.

HappyFeet will be the only SEA team in action tomorrow, as all other SEA teams have either advanced or been eliminated from the WESG 2017: Grand Finals.

Image credits: WESG, Liquipedia


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