VP survives a scare; Knocks out PPD’s OpTic Gaming

Vignesh Raghuram

24th, Aug, 2018

It’s a tale we’ve seen play out several times over the course of the DPC season. Virtus Pro halting the momentum of a resurging OpTic Gaming and knocking them out. The International 8 proved to be no different as VP took out the NA team and set a clash against Evil Geniuses in the last match of the day.


Game 1:

This was quite of a textbook game of Dota 2 by OpTic Gaming, even in the drafting phase. CCNC’s Huskar made for a particularly promising pick, as that by-the-book style of play led to him completely destroying Dragon Knight in the lane. It stood as a testament to how OpTic executed their draft perfectly, always making perfect rotations and taking the right team fights and closed out the game eventually, even if Virtus.Pro did give them one hell of a struggle in the first game.

Game 2:

Game two showed something of a similar pattern to game one, but this time it was Virtus.Pro who put on a clinical performance. Virtus.Pro came out on top of the laning post which, the game continued to spiral out of control for OpTic until the game was over. Although the game’s pace wasn’t as swift as before, mostly due to OpTic being more wary of Virtus Pro’s actions, the overall game progression felt similar to game one as the CIS team tied up the series.

Game 3:

With a significantly faster draft this time around, VP went into game three with their usual early game pace. LGD’s excellent laning made it nearly impossible for OpTic Gaming to ever get going. While OpTic Gaming was doing everything they could to alleviate the pressure on CCNC and Pajkatt. Virtus Pro continued to snowball and won all 3 lanes. By 23 minutes, they had a eight kill and 10k gold lead, and the game only continued to spiral out of Optic Gaming’s control as they fell to pieces and got knocked out.




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