VIT’s Game-a-thon kicks off tomorrow

Shounak Sengupta

21st, Sep, 2017
VIT’s annual gaming competition Game-a-thon will take place from the 22nd to the 24th of September this year. The event is a part of their tech fest graVITas.
Game-a-thon in it’s 5th year

The GAT is hosted by TAG (Technology and Gaming Club) and is one of the biggest esports tournaments at a college level across India. The tournament which debuted in 2013, featured a prize pool of 80k INR and has steadily grown to 2.5 lakhs this year. With participants coming in from across the country, VIT is the place to be if you are an amateur or semi-professional gamer/team looking to head in the right direction. With a big bragging rights and bigger bucks up for grabs, GAT 2017 is headed to become one of the biggest college level esports level that we have seen. In 2017, over 1500 gamers have signed up for the event, so the competition is definitely going to  be fierce.
GAT 2017, will be molded under a concept theme called RISE. It aims to trace a gamers journey through various hardships and challenges and his/her rise to victory and ultimate glory.

The event is set to take place across 72 continuous hours with gaming sessions through the nights as well. The event will include 6 games, the list of which can be found here:

DOTA 2 (65,000 INR) 1st 35,000 INR 2nd 20,000 INR 3rd 10,000 INR   
CS:GO (65,000 INR) 1st 35,000 INR 2nd 20,000 INR 3rd 10,000 INR   
COD 4 (65,000 INR) 1st 35,000 INR 2nd 20,000 INR 3rd 10,000 INR   
FIFA 17 (35,000 INR) 1st 17,000 INR 2nd 10,000 INR 3rd 8,000 INR   
BLUR (20,000 INR) 1st 10,000 INR 2nd 6,000 INR 3rd 4,000 INR

The basic format for the games is double elimination but it may change from title to title.
Click here, to register for the event.


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