ViCi Gaming eliminated on the first day of ESL Pro League Season 8

Aditya Singh Rawat

5o, Dec, 2018

Cover Image Courtesy: ViCi Gaming

The ESL Pro League Season 8 – Finals taking place in Odense was off to a really disappointing start for the Asian team, ViCi Gaming.

ViCi Gaming had shown a lot of promise and calibre as they made their way through the super competitive Chinese Regional Qualifier before facing the final test at the Asia Finals. Coming out victorious, the Chinese squad went on to face a tragic elimination in the very first day of the event.

The day for ViCi started off with a defeat as they lost to an overwhelming Astralis, who have been holding onto the first rank on the global leaderboards as per HLTV rankings for 59 consecutive weeks. The two teams fought it out on Inferno where Astralis took a comfortable victory with the scoreboard reading ‘16-8'.

Dropping down to the lower bracket, ViCi now faced Renegades in a BO3 series. Renegades proved to be too powerful for the likes of ViCi Gaming who went down by a series score of ‘2-0’.

ViCi tried their level best to come back in the first match being played on Inferno but failed to succeed as they lost by a score of ‘16-12’. The second match took place on Mirage where Renegades shook ViCi pretty bad as they took them down by a score of ‘16-9’.

ViCi Gaming is amongst the few teams to have been eliminated from the first day of the event.