ViCi Gaming Back In Action

Aditya Singh Rawat

3rd, Sep, 2018

ViCi Gaming has finally announced a new roster after the fallout that occurred between Flash and them last month. 

After Flash decided to terminate the contract which led to the "VG.Flash Split", they had loaned 2 players from ViCi. Both WeiJie ‘zhokiNg’ Zhong and WingHei ‘Freeman’ Cheung have now returned to their original team.

Joining the ViCi roster are two former players Zhuo ‘advent’ Liang & ZhiHong ‘aumaN’ Liu while the third player is a Malaysian AWPer Andrew ‘kaze’ Khong, who was a former Flash player.

While ‘advent’ and ‘kaze’ had been involved in the scene, former practising with a Chinese team called MFC Gaming and the latter joining a local Malaysian team called CoVE, ‘aumaN’ is the only one to have stayed inactive from both national and international scene since quite a few months.

Following is the current roster for ViCi: 

  • WeiJie 'zhokiNg' Zhong 
  • WingHei 'Freeman' Cheung 
  • Zhuo 'advent' Liang 
  • ZhiHong 'aumaN' Liu 
  • Andrew 'kaze' Khong 

It is almost the same squad that ViCi featured in early 2017 with the exclusion of Bin ‘Savage’ Liu currently playing for CyberZen.

We wish ViCi the best of luck with the new roster and stay tuned to see how the team fares in the upcoming competitions.


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