ViCi Gaming are going to Odense as victors of the ESL Pro League 8 - Asia Finals

Aditya Singh Rawat

7th, Nov, 2018

Cover Image Courtesy: ViCi Gaming

The ESL Pro League – Asia Finals came to an end yesterday with an all Chinese Grand Finals taking place between ViCi GamingCyberZen.

ViCi Gaming made their way to the Finale by defeating 2ez Gaming in the Semifinals who proved to be quite troublesome, much feistier than what the team had expected of them. CyberZen faired through a smoother Semifinal affair against Lucid Dream making their way to the finals as well.

Final Faceoff

The two teams, ViCi and CyberZen locked horns on Overpass for the first match where ViCi won by a score of  ’16-13’.

ViCi dominated the first half playing CT-sided giving away just two rounds to CyberZen but a valiant effort by  CyberZen made it clear that the team still had some steam left in it. CyberZen did manage to close up on the deficit but ViCi managed to attain victory on the back of the lead that they had attained early on in the match.

The following match took place on Train where ViCi faced a tough time against an overwhelming CyberZen but surprised everyone in the fifteenth round as they clutched it, by reading the enemies movement and reacting to it perfectly. The latter half was as close to the first one and ViCi barely managed to win the map by a score of ‘16-14’.

Taking down CyberZen with a series score of ‘2-0’ViCi Gaming has crossed all barriers that lay in their way towards the ESL Pro League 8 –Finals which will be taking place in Odense, Denmark starting 4th December.


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