Valve trademarks ‘Dota Underlords - What could it be?

Shounak Sengupta

15o, May, 2019

Cover image via : Polygon

Nothing escapes the watchful gaze of Reddit was proved to be true once again as user u/apple_cat uncovered the fact that Valve had trademarked the term ‘Dota Underlords’ earlier this week.


This discovery led to speculation as to what could this mean with many members of the community suggesting that it was possibly something to do with Artifact or Auto Chess. Artifact’s initial hype followed by its subsequent and catastrophic failure led many to believe that the term may be Valve’s attempt to revive the game under a new guise. Many also suggested that it could be Valve creating their own version of popular custom game Dota Auto Chess.


Another possible explanation was put forward suggested it could be a mobile version of the game of Dota itself, with mobile titles having surged in popularity in recent years. While the exact nature of Valve’s plan are yet to be revealed, it is also true that many companies including Valve do file for trademarks for products which never end up seeing the light of day. Nonetheless, the news is a talking point for the community who are keen to know what Valve has up their sleeve.