Valve releases CS:GO update 'Make The Bureau Proud'

Aditya Singh Rawat

4o, Oct, 2018

Cover Image Courtesy: CS:GO

Valve released a new update for CS:GO today called ‘Make The Bureau Proud’ which includes two major additions to the game.

The first thing that has been added is the new FBI character models to Nuke, Agency and Office. These characters have been updated to improve overall visual fidelity while preserving legibility. 

The second big thing is, the MP5-SD is now available in competitive matchmaking along with the new 2018 Inferno and 2018 Nuke collections now available as rank-up drops.

Another interesting addition is that a new setting “mp_solid_teammates 2”, is added which enables standing on top of teammates while still allowing to walk through them i.e. boosting. This feature is enabled in official Casual, Demolition and Flying Scoutsman game modes.

The following Map Changes were also made,


  • Made corridor leading to ramp from T-side slightly wider. 

  • Slightly shifted the doors connected to the trophy room. 

  • Changed the CT-side character model to that of FBI. 


  • Removed angled pieces on bomb train in A-site. 

  • Improved player collision on bomb train in A-site. 

  • Added grenade collision to the ceiling of heaven in A-site.


  • Now windows can be completely broken instead of partially. 

  • Fixed the bug where the snowman’s hat would not fall off its head even when getting shot at. 

  • Smoothed out movements on stairs. 

  • Widened the openings near the CT spawn area and truck in the garage. 

  • Moved some furniture at T spawn. 

  • The lighting at CT spawn has been tweaked.

A few more changes were made to the server properties along with some minor tweaks to the Panorama UI. 

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