Valve confirms that 7.20 will come out in November

Vignesh Raghuram

3rd, Oct, 2018

While Valve is known to push forth smaller updates such as 7.19c etc; the big gameplay changes come mostly from bigger updates. The next big Dota 2 update was expected to be the 7.20 patch update.

With the Kuala Lumpur Major Qualifiers and the Dreamleague: Season 10 Qualifiers squarely behind us, the Dota 2 community was eagerly anticipating the 7.20 release. Players have been feeling that the 7.19 meta has become quite stale and as a result made multiple threads on reddit.

In a Reddit post, Valve employee Daniel_J confirmed that the timeline for 7.20 remains similar to that of last year. And that, a minor 7.19d patch might be released to shake up the meta by a little.


In 2017, the ‘big’ patch update happened in the form of 7.07 patch. Valve pushed out the 7.07 patch update on 31st October 2017, a full 80 days after the TI7 Grand finals. Going by the same timeline, the next Dota 2 update should come out in November. Perhaps, after the Kuala Lumpur Major ends on 19th November 2018. Possibly, the new Dota 2 Hero ‘Mars’ will also be added to the game alongside the 7.20 patch.



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