Valve announces first ever Artifact tournament

Vignesh Raghuram

3o, Nov, 2018

Earlier today, the Artifact Preview Tournament was announced by Valve featuring 128 players who will be competing for a prizepool of $10,000 on November 10-11.

The tournament will be hosted by ‘Beyond The Summit’ and will be broadcast on Valve’s very own SteamTV. The tournament’s format will feature a 7 round, all-draft, Swiss bracket on Day 1. The top 8 teams from the tournament will compete in a single elimination bracket, on Day 2.

The tournament uses an in-game tournament system for its structure which will be available to all players when the client launches. It's an interesting way to get eyes on your game ahead of launch, as money usually does not get put into play until after a game has been released?.

Artifact launches on November 28, but a beta launch is scheduled for nine days before that on November 19.