Valve and SirActionSlacks to create pre TI8 content to educate the viewers

Shounak Sengupta

9th, Aug, 2018

*Cover Image Source: Liquepedia

SirActionSlacks’s absence from Dota events in the last few months hadn’t gone unnoticed with many citing fatigue and a packed schedule as reasons as to why the beloved community ‘meme’ber was missing. However, Valve has announced that they were, in fact, utilizing his services to create TI8 content for viewers and fans which will be aired this week. With only a week remaining for TI8, the hype just got more real.

SirActionSlacks is known for his content and be it his wacky interviews at tournaments or his incredibly hilarious YouTube channel, the man has been able to appeal to a major part of the Dota community with his love for the game and witty take on things. On his YouTube channel, he created a video series known as the International down-low (earlier known as the Major down-low) where each episode would be an introduction to teams playing at TI7. The concept was met with much appreciation but Slacks was only able to make a few episodes due to time constraints.

Valve seems to have picked up on the concept and TI8 will be preceded by a series hosted by Valve and Slacks called ‘The International Lowdown’. Featuring 3 teams per day, the content will be aired live on Valve’s YouTube and Twitch channels along with a selection of classic matches from previous TI’s. They have also released a video recapping the entire season leading up to TI8. 

The first episode goes live tonight at 10 a.m PDT/ 10:30 p.m IST/ 1 a.m SGT.



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