Unstoppable Virtus.Pro destroy VGJ.Thunder to claim their 3rd Major of the Season

Vignesh Raghuram

12th, Mar, 2018
Virtus.Pro has done it, they’ve defeated opponent after opponent, every team that was put in front of them to secure their 3rd Major win of the season. VGJ.Thunder looked shattered after they failed to land a single blow in the Grand Finals bowing out 0-3 to the CIS Giants.

Here’s a short recap:
Virtus.Pro vs VGJ.Thunder

Game 1:

VGJ.Thunder opened up with a first phase Luna, and Virtus.Pro took advantage as they pressured Yang’s Brewmaster, who could do very little against a Solo-Ramzes666 Disruptor-Juggernaut duo lane. To make it worse, No[O]ne was unstoppable on his Gyro as he found every opportunity to lock Freeze’s Phantom Lancer out of the game with some great rotations and constant kills.

RodjER was again a menace with his rotations; this time on a Tusk. The pressure he applied in the Mid game stage along with No[O]ne’s absurd Gyrocopter forced VGJ.Thunder to call an early GG in 26 minutes.

Game 2:

After a disastrous laning phase in game 1, VGJ.Thunder reorganized and drafted for strong lanes in game 2. But they were quite unprepared for Ramzes666’s Morphling who along with RodjER’s Enchantress salvaged the early game for Virtus.Pro allowing them to transition in to the mid-game
Virtus.Pro looked to have everything in order to go 2-0 up, and that they did. Flawless execution saw them go 2-0 in the series after styling on VGJ.Thunder at their own base.

Game 3:

There’s only so much you can ban against Virtus.Pro, VGJ.Thunder let the Broodmother slip through the banning stage to let the Russians pick up the Broodmother as their 5th pick.

It looked to be a quick, snowball victory for Virtus.Pro, but VGJ.Thunder made some key pickoffs to extend the game. They were almost able to eke back into the game. Freeze at one point was 7th in net worth, and in just a few minutes he rocketed up to 3rd place. But Virtus.Pro was ahead enough to just continue throwing bodies at VGJ.Thunder which made the Chinese burn multiple buybacks.

A final Team wipe near the Roshan pit, at the 31-minute mark, sealed the deal for Virtus.Pro to secure their third Major of the Season.


Virtus.Pro look unstoppable and they look justifiably quite self-confident.


They have now secured themselves a staggering 7197 points guaranteeing qualification for TI7, while VGJ.Thunder have broken into the Top 8.

As for the SEA teams, Mineski are now on the verge of dropping down from the Top 8 for the first time this season, barely 5 points ahead of Evil Geniuses. TNC Pro Team were close, but not close enough to gain some points from this event.

The next DPC event will be the GESC: Indonesia Dota 2 Minor which kicks off next week.


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