U Cypher Day 4 - Yakshas bounce back against the Yodhas

Shounak Sengupta

23rd, Jan, 2018
Acrid’s Yakshas bounced back in their second game after a disappointing debut, to go on top of the leaderboards after day 4 of U Cypher.
Yakshas continued their good form in the mobile and console titles and even clinched the Dota 2 match to pick up 11 valuable points this time around.
Yodhas the team to beat in Counter-Strike
It was another smashing performance from Wuzz and the boys, picking up their second Counter-Strike match of the tournament and that too rather convincingly with a 16-9 scoreline. Despite boasting some big names, the Yakshas have failed to net a win in the fps shooter and will have to take a long hard look at things if they want to go the entire way. With Wuzz at the helm and brother Pexxer firing on all cylinders, the Yodhas picked up the win once again, this time on Inferno. And even with Mantr1 coming back into the squad, the Yakshas lacked the tactical firepower and were made to look like an inferior side.
Acrid still the boss when it comes to Dota
Acrid and Punk may have retired from professional Dota, but it certainly didn’t seem like it as they pulled out some old school strats to force out the gg from Yodhas. Acrid’s Spectre brought back memories of a gone by era in Indian Dota and despite his midlaner having the bad match up in the lane, they never looked like they were in trouble. Yodhas were running an Ember Spirit vs the TA in mid and got off to a good start but were unable to make plays once, the Yakshas started hitting their level 6’s. The game never turned for the Yodhas and they lost teamfight after teamfight, eventually putting the Spectre and the TA in a position that was impossible to lose from.
The Yakshas look really stable in the mobile and console titles and their last performance in Dota certainly makes them strong contenders for the title. The Yodhas have been really dominant in Counter-Strike but need to step up their game in the other titles in order to stay in the upper half of the table.
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