Tyloo & Syman secure the final spots for Berlin Major 2019 through the Minors

Aditya Singh Rawat

29th, Jul, 2019

Cover Image Courtesy: Dotesports

Both Asia and the CIS Minor Championship 2019 for the Berlin Majors came to an end today with Tyloo and Syman Gaming grabbing the last two spots out of their respective qualifiers. It was not at all a tough day for the qualifying teams as both of them nailed their opponents ‘2-0’ to walk away as the winners of the decider match-up and make it to the Major.

Tyloo With The Final Strike

The Chinese team goes heads up against their Asian rivals MVP PK in the losers’ final today. A match-up which everyone eagerly looked forward to was a washout for the Korean squad who could only manage to win a total of 10 rounds across two maps.

Tyloo after finding success on Dust 2 against Grayhound Gaming yesterday, picked the same map once again to crush MVP PK by a score of ‘16-4’. Starting off at the T-side, Tyloo secured a massive 11 round lead for themselves by the halftime mark and continued on to strike a lossless second half to win the map and take the lead.

Over with Dust 2 quite quickly Tyloo went on to beat MVP Inferno as well, this time by a score of ‘16-6’. The Chinese squad read MVP like an open book and reacted well to any changes tried by the opposition.

With this, Tyloo takes the series ‘2-0’  making its way onto the StarLadder Berlin Major 2019.

Syman Gaming Through The Overtimes

It has been a tough ride for Syman Gaming who faced DreamEaters for the second time in the playoffs. DreamEaters who had made their way into the playoffs after standing first in their group could not convert it into an entry point for the majors.

Syman and DreamEaters had fought really hard in their previous match where a total of three overtimes were played across two maps. And then today again everyone witnessed another overtime play between the two on their first map, Inferno, which Syman claimed by the width of a hair.

But they came back stronger to seal Dust 2 by a decent score of ‘16-12’, taking the series and the final slot for the Berlin Major 2019.

With this, the final two Minor Championships comes to an end following the Americas and Europe Minors. All the teams that have qualified for the New Challengers Stage of the StarLadder Berlin Major 2019 are as follows,

Mousesports, CR4ZY - Europe Minor Championship

NRG Esports, FURIA Esports - Americas Minor Championship

Grayhound Gaming, Tyloo - Asia Minor Championship

Forze, Syman Gaming - CIS Minor Championship