TyLoo looking for a player to replace Bottle at WESG

Aditya Singh Rawat

19th, Sep, 2018

Cover Image Courtesy: The Score esports

According to a post made by the team on Weibo, TyLoo is in search of a fifth player as Lei ‘bottle’ Mao informed the team yesterday that it wouldn't be possible for him to play with them in the upcoming WESG 2018 Chinese Regional Finals.

Although TyLoo hasn’t revealed the reason behind Lei’s decision, some speculation on hltv points towards him joining the ranks of CyberZen after the recent stint he had with them during the eXTREMESLAND 2018 China Regional Finals last weekend. 

TyLoo is one of the direct invites for the event and they seem to be in a clutch after this last moment announcement from Bottle. ‘BnTeT’ and ‘xccurate’ will be playing for their former team Recca Esports due to the single nationality restriction rule adopted by the WESG organizers and will not be able to play for TyLoo.

Thus, TyLoo has to find a suitable stand-in within the two weeks left before the event, failure to do so would result in the Chinese squad giving up on competing in the WESG Chinese Regional Finals.

TyLoo’s current roster, 

  • Ke "captainMo" Liu 

  • Hui "DD" Wu 

  • HaoWen "somebody" Xu 

  • Yue "AE" Yu

Let's see if TyLoo is able to complete their squad and even if they manage to do so, will they be able to see themselves through the competition?


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